• Highly durable, easy to use, discrete... It's the Pitch-n-Puff!

    Highly durable, easy to use, discrete... It's the Pitch-n-Puff!

  • Get tee'd off!!

    Get tee'd off!!

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Providing golfers everywhere with a more gentlemanly way to truly relax on the course

Pitch-n-Puff was developed out of the observation that some golfers needed a more discreet way to ‘par-tee’ on the course, allowing them to stay focused on their game while not distracting fellow golfers.

From this realization the Pitch-n-Puff was born, made in the U.S.A. from solid brass with a powder coat finish, this durable product is the perfect accessory for helping you tee-off anytime and any place.

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